Education Investment Gap

Huffington Post reports -- schools that enroll 90 percent or more non-white students spend $733 less per pupil per year than schools that enroll 90 percent or more white students. This according to a study released by the Center for American Progress. These 'racially isolated' schools make up one-third of the country’s schools. Nationwide, schools spend $334 more on every white student than on every nonwhite student.

Unequal Education

According to CAP's report -- titled "Unequal Education" -- the traditional claim that variation in schools’ per-pupil spending stems almost entirely from different property-tax bases between school districts does not hold true. Rather, variation within a district can be largely attributed to district budgeting policies that fail to take into account teacher salaries. For instance, new teachers who often start out in high-need schools that enroll many students of color earn less money than veteran teachers located in more affluent, Whiter areas.

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