Teaching Intolerance and Hate

Rock Hill, S.C. teacher Sharon Aceta was placed on leave after she posted a sarcastic and offensive statement about President Barack Obama on Facebook. Aceta, a public school teacher who teaches grade 8 math at Rawlinson Road Middle School, posted the following public message:
"Congrats Obama. As one of my students sang down the hallway, 'We get to keep our fooood stamps'...which I pay for because they can't budget their money . . . and really, neither can you."
School spokesperson Elaine Baker told reporters that while there have been a number of complaints about the post and that the teacher violated the district's social media policy, Aceta likely will not face disciplinary action beyond the one-day suspension. Aceta has since apologized and deleted the screed.

A Columbus, Ohio teacher also recently came under fire for a Facebook posting which sent a sarcastic congratulations "to those dependent on government, homosexuals, potheads, JAY-Z fans, non Christians, non taxpayers, illegals, communists, Muslims, planned murder clinics, enemies of America, Satan You WON!"

 Parents at Lousiana's Delcambre Elementary School are furious after their children say a fourth grade teacher made derogatory comments about President Barack Obama.

Students tell reporters that the teacher arrived at school Wednesday wearing all black, "attending America's funeral" after Obama was reelected for a second term. She also reportedly said Obama would make the U.S. "the new China," and took hits at First Lady Michelle Obama's healthy school lunch initiative. School officials have not commented, pending further details on the case.