UNC Athletics Scam


From the Daily Caller.com:

At the University of North Carolina, the extent of a shocking con — which involved dozens of athletes who for years were deliberately enrolled in fake classes and awarded passing grades to keep them eligible for sports — has now been fully publicized thanks to the confessions of two whistle-blowers.


Generation Next

The website for Generation Next says the group is "a broad partnership of organizations and leaders from across the Twin Cities" representing schools, government, businesses and community organizations, "all dedicated to educational excellence and narrowing the achievement gap."

The  Generation Next mission statement: "To dramatically accelerate educational achievement of all children from early childhood through early career through an aligned partnership of community stakeholders."

Generation Next

Strive Together

Growth and Justice

Center for School Change

MN Minority Education Leadership
African American Leadership Forum


Minneapolis Achievement Gap

Some 87 percent of the Minneapolis School District's teachers are White, while 70 percent of students are minorities, according to Bill English, co-chair of Black/African American Leadership Summit.