Insulted by Natalie Munroe

Natalie Munroe, a teacher at Central Bucks East High School in Doylestown, Pa., was suspended last week after posting profanity-laced rants online which called her students "out of control" and "disengaged, lazy whiners."

"I don't think I did anything wrong," Monroe told ABC news.

The school's superintendent told reporters the comments were "very egregious" and "certainly could result in termination." The 30-year-old, who started teaching in 2006, began blogging in 2009 using the name "Natalie M." Although she did not identify students or staff by name, her photo appeared on the website.

  • "I'm being a renegade right now, living on the edge and, um, blogging AT work."
  • "I'm in the process of entering grades, and also need to enter comments for the grades. . . . I used to put a lot of time and effort into the comments because I felt it was a great way to communicate the students' efforts. Then it got to be a complete pain in the %$$, just one more thing standing between me and being done with the report cards."
  • “whiny simpering grade-grubbers with an unrealisti­cally high perception of own ability level.”
  • "A complete and utter jerk in all ways. Although academically ok, your child has no other redeeming qualities."
  • "Asked too many questions and took too long to ask them."
  • "One of the most annoying students I've had the displeasur­e of being locked in a room with for an extended time."
  • "dresses like a streetwalker"
  • "frightfully dim"
  • "Rude, beligerent (SP), argumentative %$#$.”

Teachers' personal beliefs shape their professional practice. That's where the concept of a "self-fulf­illing prophecy" comes into play.

Here this teacher was -- going to work every day -- looking for "lazy" students and "out of control" behavior so she could keep her blog going. She was, consciously or unconsciou­sly, creating the bad behavior she was complaining about.

Munroe had only been teaching for a few years when she started openly blogging about how dim-witted and worthless the children were. Clearly, she entered the profession with these horrifying attitudes. Of course the children rebelled and misbehaved. Amazingly, it never crossed this adult's mind that she was responsible -- not the "worthless" children.

This teacher -- and many, many others just like her -- are completely unaware of the research which shows that a teacher's belief that a student will succeed plays a critical role in student achievement.

"The students are rude and dim-witted" she rudely announced in a blog with her own picture and first name attached. Well that wasn't very smart, was it teacher?

"The trash company is hiring" she notes about her students -- so why doesn't Natalie Munroe opt out of the suspension with pay and go put in an application?

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