Speaking of the Internet

There are any number of ways the Internet can be used as an educational tool for high school students. Among other things, the internet is a research tool, a productivity tool and a powerful communications tool. Thinking specifically about the subject area of Speech, the internet provides an amazing multitude of resources in just those three areas.

The internet is a multifaceted research tool. Students can use the Net to locate ideas for speech topics. They can search online databases for quality speech content. With the Internet, speech students also have access to resources such as "Debate pedia" -- a site designed to encourage thoughtful, honest debate on current affairs.

As a productivity tool, the internet is wide-ranging. Students have the ability to produce speeches in different formats including the use of multimedia. Speech students can use resources that can aid in composition such as "the Easy Essay." Through a series of questions, the "Easy Essay" site guides learners through the process of creating various types of compositions.

The internet is a versatile communications tool. Students can find examples of well-written speeches to compare and contrast to their own. Work can be filed and stored on the Net, allowing learners to easily collaborate and interact with peers. Students have access to communication resources such as "My Own Journal," a free personal database for writing projects, and of course . . . the talking web tool, "I Speech."

Considering the myriad of ways the Internet could also be utilized for cultural study and problem solving, the possibilities of incorporating Net technology into a high school speech class are virtually endless!

NOTE: This reflection was written using the composition generator at "Easy Essay."

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